[mythtv-users] Overscan

quaff at clippersoft.net quaff at clippersoft.net
Sun Sep 5 09:16:03 EDT 2004

Using a Nvidia FX 5200 card with Svideo out and X.org along with KDE3.2.
I'm connecting it to a 27in SDTV.  I currently have an overscan set to 0.65
in my xorg.conf file.
Both KDE and Xorg are using 800x600.

Now to the question - 
While watching videos/livetv/recordings in myth - on the top and left of the
TV screen are small blue borders and the right side is chopped off about
maybe a 1/4 in.  Now in KDE the screen is chopped a little on the right and
again about a 1/4 or so on the left.  The bottom seems fine and the top
maybe cut a little as well.

What other setting in xorg.conf or somewhere can I change to tweak the
display on my TV screen so all the sides fit properly?

Thank you. 

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