[mythtv-users] Re: Does MythTV Obviate a DVD Player?

Chris Vargas ceenvee at yahoo.com
Sat Sep 4 10:00:26 EDT 2004

--- Hamish Moffatt wrote:

> > No need (IMHO) - get a dirt cheap (supported) 
> > soundcard with SPDIF out -
> > onboard motherboard will do fine.
> Not really - S/PDIF output of AC3 (Dolby Digital) 
> from nForce2 isn't working in ALSA currently. PCM
> DTS work, but that means you can't hear the sound 
> from most DVDs.

Are you talking about a particular version of ALSA not
working? Because my S/PDIF output is working just fine
with my nForce2 Shuttle system, using ALSA 1.0.5rc1,
and that's with AC3 and xine and my Yamaha receiver,
as well as MythTV. (I can't get xine to play back MP2,
but I think that's my problem with my xine

> How will you hear electrical hum on a digital

That, I agree with. :)

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