[mythtv-users] Audio Overlapping

John P. Mitchell john at cepros.com
Fri Sep 3 19:46:30 EDT 2004


   What sound subsystem are you using? OSS or ALSA? I have been VERY
frustrated trying to get the capture settings right with my various
sound cards with ALSA, and when I did get it right it would not survive
a reboot. I gave up and went back to OSS and using the GNOME Volume
Control app or "gnome-volume-control" from the command line to set
things up. To check you might do an "/sbin/lsmod | less" and look at
the modules that are loaded. If I recall correctly the ALSA modules
look something like "snd-emu10k1" if you have a Sound Blaster Live
where as the OSS modules will just be "emu10k1".
   Also, are you looping the audio out on the TV card in to the line in on
the sound card? If so, then you need to set the line in to
capture/record and then mute it. Or at least that is what I do and it
seems to work well. If you have muted the channel that is capturing the
audio from the TV card you should not be able to hear audio from xawtv,
but you should hear the audio in sync with the video in Myth.

> First off, I will say that I have thoroughly read through the "Configuring
> Sound" and "Troubleshooting Audio" sections on mythtv.org.  That said, I
> still have a problem.  What is happening is that the live audio is playing
> over the compressed video/audio.  I went into xawtv and even though the
> line
> in is muted, I still hear sound.  When I mute the pcm, it goes away.  In
> my
> understanding pcm is for digital to analog playback... and if xawtv only
> uses the analog sound to begin with, why is it going through the pcm..?
> Any ideas?
> Sean
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