[mythtv-users] DVD, Picture quality & PVR350

Prash prashk at staff.btltd.net
Fri Sep 3 17:29:43 EDT 2004

Hi People,

I've read numerous posts on this topic but they are all a bit outdated and
I wanted to know the status of this. I'm using an ASUS Pundit-R (ATI
Chipset), PVR350, IVTVDEV drivers and my PAL TV as my monitor with X
running. Everything works great and the picture is sharp but for DVD. My
system is Fedora Core2 and all my rpms from ATRPMS except for IVTV 105k
which has been compiled from source.(with hacked function load_fw_direct
to circumvent sys_close errors)

1) MythDVD playing is not possible on TV at this moment with PVR 350? I
know there is a patch for mplayer(-vo ivtv:/dev/video16) but people have
experienced problems. When is this likely to be implemented?
I don't have that patch but if I play it without -vo option, all I get is
sound! no picture!

2) The ripped DVDs when played through mythvideo using mplayer has the
same problems - no video- no menu control - just sound. If I use "mythtv
%s", then all I get is crisp picture but no sound?

3) There was some talk about YUV support and all these problems will go
away - When is this likely to be implemented?

4) Is there a theme available that leaves atleast 5% space on the borders?
At the mo I'm having to adjust the size of mythtv app the the "Appearance"

5) Is it possible to tweak something to adjust the X size on TV - my TV
stretches it and it goes beyond the borders.

6) Is anyone developing a patch for channel scanning or is it planned for
sometime in future?

7) I'd quite like to develop a theme - Can anyone point me to a resource?
TBH I don't know where to start.

Is there any temporary fix for the above or should I attempt to get the
built in ATI tvout of Pundit working?

Sorry I didn't mean to criticize the app - I think it is cracking and
works beautiful on my TV. Right now I'm sat in front of my TV listening to
"Keane", "Coldplay" and "Snow Patrol" on my mythtv with goom full screen
and lights off! Great stuff.

Cheers for your time


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