[mythtv-users] Does MythTV Obviate a DVD Player?

Kyle Rose krose+mythtv at krose.org
Fri Sep 3 12:01:42 EDT 2004

DanM <dan at milkcarton.com> writes:

> There are times I wish I hadn't given away my DVD player.  I can't play
> more than about 1/3 of one of the Lord of the Rings dvd's on my mythbox
> before one of the libraries used by ogle craps out.  I think it's one of
> the libraries because when I try to rip the dvd, it dies at about the same
> spot.

Try setting this environment var:


and then running xine/ogle.  I ran into a problem about 8 months ago
where I couldn't seem to play some DVD's, and it was due to libdvdcss
using an algorithm that simply failed on certain DVD's.  The "key"
method is slower than the "disc" or "title" methods, but much more
reliable; and the keys are cached once you play the disc the first
time, so I don't consider it all that problematic.

Then again, this might not be your problem, in which case, never
mind. :)


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