[mythtv-users] Total record time fluctuates

Matthew Daubenspeck matt at oddprocess.org
Thu Sep 2 22:47:43 EDT 2004

I have a half-hour show recorded via my mythbackend and am trying to                                
watch it on another machine with mythfrontend.                                                      
When I skip 10 seconds ahead the total time of the recorded show                                    
fluctuates up and down. The skip forward is very slow and jerky, where it                           
used to be very smooth.                                                                             
This just started happening, and I have no idea why. I have tried to                                
reset both the front and backend, and both made no difference. I checked                            
the load of each machine, and none of them are being hit by anything                                
significant as the CPU % is rather low.                                                             
It is doing this with shows that were recorded hours ago, as well as                                
shows that were recorded months ago. It has been working great for
months, now this just suddenly started happening. Any ideas? 
  Matthew Daubenspeck

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