[mythtv-users] Re: SOLICITATION: Record/Transcode Parameters Wanted

Jay R. Ashworth jra at baylink.com
Thu Sep 2 18:46:31 EDT 2004

On Thu, Sep 02, 2004 at 10:46:47PM +0100, David wrote:
> >This sort of infrastructural stuff is what I live for (not really being
> >a coder, and given the dearth of seats for designer/analysts amongst
> >open source projects :-); I'm going to be taking a serious swing at
> >trying to get it all marching in at least the right general direction,
> >if not in step.
> >
> >Once I've got something to show you on that front, I will.  
> >
> I've been thinking about running doxygen against a daily cvs pull and 
> then linking into that from the wiki.

I'm not as up on Doxygen as I should: will it geenrate HTML directly
for you? cause that'd be *cool*.

> I still think the walkthrough idea makes sense but it needs to be done 
> against major chunks. I just didn't feel particularly motivated at the 
> time so I went and did work on some other stuff. Anyway, I've recently 
> upgraded the wiki software and patched it to make management easier. 
> I've also started to develop a patch to grant action rights (eg upload 
> image).


> Since BayLink's doing some work on the tables I think getting automated 
> object docs would be good. Isaac suggested on IRC recently that he'd be 
> amenable to (brief) doxygen style comments and I'd be interested to see 
> if we could work out a way of getting code annotation patches into cvs.

By me, it's as or more important to extract the table semantics and get
them visible.  I don't want to bind Isaac's hands, *or* increase his
workload, but even given the disclaimers about "As of this date", I
still think it would be useful.

> The question is - do we just start submitting doxygen patches or do we 
> need to figure out a way of developing a reasonable set and then making 
> them available to Isaac/mythtv-dev for review?

I suspect we might hear an answer on that soon.  :-)

> Eventually I guess the doxygen stuff could go alongside the cvs viewer 
> on mythtv.org if we do a good enough job?

One might only hope.  I'm familiar with "motivated volunteers whom you
can't *control*"... :-)

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