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Jarod Wilson jcw at wilsonet.com
Thu Sep 2 18:16:51 EDT 2004

DTR wrote:

>>> And you want to pay *extra* for that?
>> Did I, or did I not say: "The price isn't the point"?
> Was I or was I not talking about the form factor?

Correct me if I'm wrong, but when you say "pay *extra*", you're 
referring to the price.

>>> One of the main attractions of LCD is the tiny footprint and 
>>> elegant/slim profile.
>> THE main attraction is the picture quality. And 5.25" *is* a tiny 
>> footprint and slim profile compared with many televisions. Yes, there 
>> are thinner. But then you need somewhere to stick the computer. No 
>> more tiny footprint.
> Lovely piece of non-logic here

Yes, my apologies, comparing a TV to a TV is completely illogical in 
this discussion.

> a cow is a small compared to many 
> animals, it doesn't mean it's small.

I didn't say it was small. I said it was smaller than many other 
televisions. Furthermore, your analogy is less than applicable. Do you 
get your milk from a whale? No. But I can get my TV viewing done on both 
a CRT display and LCD display. Comparing different breeds of dogs would 
be far more apropos.

> Who cares if it's small compared 
> to a 30" CRT?   It's not a CRT.

I didn't compare it to a 30" CRT. I compared it to other TVs. However, I 
care that its smaller than a 30" CRT.

> I quoted a specific part that has the 
> same specs yet is extremely slim with a small footprint i.e. what is 
> expected out of an LCD monitor.

This isn't just a monitor.

>>> So basically you are taking one of the best features of LCDs, tossing 
>>> it out the window, and charging extra for it.  Meanwhile you can get 
>>> a streamlined 30" LCD TV from Dell with the same specs for $2500 and 
>>> have $3500 left over for a machine
>> One more time, with feeling: the price isn't the point.
> One more time, with feeling: I was taking about the form factor. Ignore 
> the price

Then quit throwing out prices.

> and the fact remains, you are discarding one of the most 
> attractive features of LCD monitors:  the slim profile/small footprint.

Trade-off for having everything in one. Some people can live with that.

>>> which you can toss inside a 1U/2U housing and fit right into your AV 
>>> rack/media closet.
>> Because 1U and 2U machines are generally SOOOO quiet...
> What sound does a "1U" make?   1U refers to a form factor commonly used 
> in rack installations.

Gee, is that what those things in my server room are...

> It has *ZERO* correlation with how quiet the 
> resulting machine is.

Smaller form-factors are harder to cool. For example, you can't fit a 
huge passive heat-sink in a 1U case as easily as you can a 4U and 
there's less room for air flow. That's not "*ZERO* correlation" if you 
ask me.

> Use quiet parts and guess what you get?   WOW 

I'm amazed, I bow to your infinite wisdom. But what I said still holds 
true. Generally, 1U and 2U machines are not very quiet. I'd like to hear 
your quiet P4 3.0GHz 1U versus the AlienWare DHD.

>  And then you
>> don't have an all-in-one package, which was the whole point. 
>> Obviously, this machine wouldn't work for you. But your TV viewing 
>> room isn't the only one in consideration here. I don't *want* an AV 
>> rack in my bedroom or living room. I've got one in my media room, yes, 
>> but an all-in-one design works MUCH better in places where you don't 
>> have an AV rack.
> So when it's talking about plugging the audio out into your receiver, 
> where would this mysterious reciever reside?   In an imaginary AV rack? 
>  Or are you going to just leave it running without sound and imagine the 
> rest?

A receiver isn't a requirement. The thing has a sound card. Does the 
sound card in your computer require a receiver to produce sound?

My apologies to the list, I get carried away sometimes. My original 
posting was already not exceedingly relevant to the list, and now its 
gone way off-topic into a pissing contest. One every few months must be 
good for my disposition or something. We're all entitled to our opinion 
about everything. I like what AlienWare has done. I'll stop now.

Jarod C. Wilson, RHCE
jcw at wilsonet.com

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