[mythtv-users] lirc and mythtv

Verteiler verteiler at juro.at
Thu Sep 2 11:09:41 EDT 2004

Ok I am not going to ask why it is turned off by default (who wants to 
use a keyboard on the couch ??). I did a slocate for the "settings.pro" 
file with the result of a "settings.protocol" file in the 
"/usr/share/services" directory which is (I guess) not the one you are 
refering to...

When I "apt-get" something does it download the whole source code? I 
thought it only downloads the appropriate rpm's. If that is so, where do 
I find that file or is there a diffenrent approach?

Thanks for your comment.


Domazlicky, Eric wrote:

>Have you configured the .lircrc file? If you have the problem is likely the
>apt-get doesn't have the native lirc support compiled in- it's off by
>default. You have to compile manually after turning it on in the
>settings.pro file. 
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>>So now I have my mythtv server und and running (thanks to 
>>your help, I shall probably compose a mini howto regarding 
>>FC2, ivtv and myth) the only thing not working is my 
>>Hauppauge remote control. I have followed Jarod's how-to and 
>>everything works fine (I do see the appropriate output when 
>>using irw!). I have used the apt-get utility to install 
>>mythtv and I hope the lirc functionality is compiled into 
>>this version.
>>When I run mythtv it does not react to any buttons pressed. 
>>Can someone clue me what to do?
>>Thank you in advance
>>-- Verteiler
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