[mythtv-users] MythTV on a Via Epia M10000, how?

Christoffer Kj°lbŠk christoffer at kjoelbaek.dk
Wed Sep 1 10:37:15 EDT 2004

Hi Anthony

Thanks for a long answer. I will try a Gentoo install again, and see how
that goes. Again, thanks for all the input.


tir, 2004-08-31 kl. 23:23 skrev Anthony Fremont:
> Christoffer Kj°lbŠk wrote:
> >> Hi
> >>
> >> I saw MythTV some month ago, and wanted to make a box with MythTV.
> >> Therefore I bought a Via M10000 board, and have now for a month,
> >> tried to make it work.
> Don't give up yet, you're probably getting close.  ;-)  It's a pain, but
> you'll eventually get it to work.  Unfortunately it's been about 8 months
> since I last delved into the Epia stuff so I've forgotten many of the finer
> details.  I recall that you really have to get all the pieces in place to
> make it work, but it is do-able.  The wiki is pretty nice now so it should
> cover everything you need.  I remember that last year I had to use the wiki
> and a couple of other howto's to figure it all out.
> As luck would have it, I am just now getting back into things with my tiny
> Epia M10000 board (it's going to be my new baby daughter's personal CES
> (crib entertainment/educational system ;-)).  I just upgraded my kernel to
> 2.6 and am now getting ready to do the libddmpeg-1.6 upgrade, so that should
> be loads of fun.  It works pretty well right now, but I want to refresh my
> memory on all this so I'm gonna upgrade it all.  I might even switch to Xorg
> to really make things exciting.  ;-)  I'll try to keep the list advised of
> my progress.
> Gentoo was nice because I could download a couple of 'ebuild' files and
> spare myself from having to patch a stock kernel and X.  I even found an
> ebuild file online for libddmpeg as well.  This made the installation of the
> pre-patched kernel and X server a piece of cake.  I even tried out the VIA
> closed source stuff and Ivor's open source support.  I believe that I am
> using Ivor's stuff right now.
> >> I have followed the howto at epiaewiki, but can't get the graphics to
> >> work. Then I have tried a guide with Fedora, but get kernel panic all
> >> the time.
> Hmm, I use Gentoo so I probably can't help you too much with Redhat.  What
> precisely do you mean when you say you "can't get the graphics to work"?
> BTW, make sure you only load only one of the following three modules at any
> given time:
> via_v4l_drv (mpeg hooks)  <----this is probably the one you want
> viafb            (frame buffer and directfb hooks)
> cle266vgaio (directfb hooks)
> They reportedly don't play nicely together.
> Hint: I also don't use framebuffers in the kernel, so that eliminated some
> of the confusion for me as well.  If you're using framebuffer support, my
> advice is turn it off on the kernel and X configuration.
> >> Right now, I am ready to brake my motherboard in pieces, and give up.
> >> But before I do this, I would like to now, if anyone outthere has
> >> got it working on a Via Epia M10000 card?
> Keep trying and use the wiki at www.epiawiki.org  I can watch pre-recorded
> TV shows (from my master backend system) recorded like this:
>   Stream #0.0: Video: mpeg2video, 480x480, 29.97 fps
>   Stream #0.1: Audio: mp2, 48000 Hz, stereo, 384 kb/s
> using only about 30% of the CPU.  Everything plays back beautifully
> including the OSD fadeouts.  This includes de-interlacing the stream as
> well.  DVD playbacks utilize about 40% or so of the CPU using mplayer or
> xine outside of Myth since I haven't added the DVD support to Myth yet
> because I just installed the DVD drive in it.  Rest assured that the EPIA
> hardware is fully capable of making this work (heck I even got this stuff
> all working on a 600MHZ Epia earlier on so most of my Linux installation was
> compiled without SSE instruction support or C3 optimizations).  The key is
> having the right kernel modules, X drivers and matching libraries.  If any
> single piece is missing, it won't work.  This means you have to patch and
> re-compile X as well as the kernel.
> Good luck and don't give up
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