[mythtv-users] Problem with TV_grab_au 0.6

Dave david.collett at dart.net.au
Fri Oct 29 08:38:07 UTC 2004

On Fri, 2004-10-29 at 07:49 +0800, Ng Theng Kiat wrote:
> David Whyte wrote:
> >Heh.  I was going to use the EPG as my big 'feature' when I try and
> >talk the house-hold into adopting Myth (if I ever get the f***er to
> >work proper).  I hate not having up to date program info.
> >
> >I too would be willing to pay a *small* fee, but for goodness sake, it
> >is just programming data.  I can't understand why it can't just be
> >provided by the networks for free.

Not ideal, but yeah, I agree. I actually sent an email last weekend to
www.hww.com.au (who actually provide the content for the websites of
7,9,tvweek, etc) asking if subscriptions to their XML metadata are
available to individuals. I never got a reply :(

> Anyway, while looking at the d1.com.au website, I can't help but notice 
> one thing - they did not acknowledge the fact they are using Myth (at 
> least not obviously to me). I am a newbie and havn't been following this 
> thread for long, and I don't really understand the open source licensing 
> thing. But I am really turned off by D1 for omitting the fact they are 
> using Myth software (at least the screen shots looked myth). A basic 
> courtesy is to put a obvious link to the Myth website, people will still 
> buy from them anyway, so why don't mention Myth in their website, and 
> the fact they are using open source software?

Couldn't agree more here, not very community friendly at all!

OK, like I said, hww seem to provide the definitive guide data for OZ.
If you poke around ninemsn, seven etc for even a little while you will
notice that they use the same cgi vars for regions, stations, show-ids
etc. They're appear to be a pretty thin wrapper around hww's service. As
such they should be quite reliable and consistent. Perhaps we should
start writing a grabber that uses one (or more) of these sites?? Now
might be the time to start.


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