[mythtv-users] GF4 MX440 Color Improvement

Cory Papenfuss papenfuss at juneau.me.vt.edu
Thu Oct 28 21:31:14 UTC 2004

 	Check the archives for the DVD image I posted awhile back.  It's 
got colorbars, some gamma correction, and some other test patterns on it. 
It's guaranteed to be as accurate as anything else you might find on 

 	At the very least you could compare it to the colors you get 
playing it through a DVD player.


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On Thu, 28 Oct 2004, John Freer wrote:

> Hi All:
> I have a mythbox up with a GF4MX440.  Fedora Core 2 fresh install.
> I'm running the 6111 drivers.
> Initially I wasn't able to find the 'nvidia-settings' utility.  I had
> installed nvidia-graphics6111, the -lib and -dev packages, but still
> no settings program.  ie: find / -name *nvidia-settings* yielded
> nothing.
> So, I found the source code for it from another distribution and
> compiled it on the box.  Surprisingly enough, worked great first
> time.
> Now that I've got it up, overscan works nice and I can reduce
> flicker, and most importantly, I can fix up the RGB tones and get the
> color looking good like the signal from my VCR.
> Here's my question:  Does anyone have a reliable procedure for
> setting the colors right?  ie: print out this color card, compare
> with screen test pattern.  Then adjust red slider till it matches,
> then go through green, blue, etc.
> I can muck around with the sliders, but they all seem to have a
> correlated effect and its tough to get it looking perfect.
> Thanks.
> I was really disappointed with the GF4MX440 picture / color quality
> until I started tweaking with nvidia-settings.  I may now be a
> believer.
> Also -- Any work being done on the X-Y offset problem in setup?  Now
> that overscan is working, I'd like to be able to make the menus /
> guides fit the screen.
> Thanks,
> John.

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