[mythtv-users] GF4 MX440 Color Improvement

John Freer john_freer at yahoo.com
Thu Oct 28 20:01:10 UTC 2004

Hi All:

I have a mythbox up with a GF4MX440.  Fedora Core 2 fresh install. 
I'm running the 6111 drivers.

Initially I wasn't able to find the 'nvidia-settings' utility.  I had
installed nvidia-graphics6111, the -lib and -dev packages, but still
no settings program.  ie: find / -name *nvidia-settings* yielded

So, I found the source code for it from another distribution and
compiled it on the box.  Surprisingly enough, worked great first

Now that I've got it up, overscan works nice and I can reduce
flicker, and most importantly, I can fix up the RGB tones and get the
color looking good like the signal from my VCR.

Here's my question:  Does anyone have a reliable procedure for
setting the colors right?  ie: print out this color card, compare
with screen test pattern.  Then adjust red slider till it matches,
then go through green, blue, etc.

I can muck around with the sliders, but they all seem to have a
correlated effect and its tough to get it looking perfect.


I was really disappointed with the GF4MX440 picture / color quality
until I started tweaking with nvidia-settings.  I may now be a

Also -- Any work being done on the X-Y offset problem in setup?  Now
that overscan is working, I'd like to be able to make the menus /
guides fit the screen.


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