[mythtv-users] Out of the box

Yan-Fa Li yanfali at best.com
Thu Oct 28 02:06:53 UTC 2004

Gerard Schlundt wrote:
> I'm an AIX guy...not linux...is there a way to save apt-get RPM's to a
> directory.  I >hate< having to have an external dependancy.  That is
> to say if in 2 years I decide to rebuild, or have to rebuild my
> machine and the web site or development has ceased, I can at least get
> back to an OLD file set.  I would stink to find myself unable to go
> through the automated processes that worked so well.

Really no point.  They change every few months.  In 2 years you'll get 
an even better set of libraries.  :)  I am not kidding.  Open Source 
moves that fast.  In 2 years there will probably be at least 4 versions 
of Qt and 2 versions of MythTV, so fuggedaboutit.


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