[mythtv-users] Out of the box

Gerard Schlundt gerard.schlundt at gmail.com
Wed Oct 27 22:18:13 UTC 2004

David, you were right...your web site was ULTIMATELY helpful.   I got
a bare bones machine set up and running in about 6 hours.  Most of
that waiting on apt-get to finish its downloads.

I'm an AIX guy...not linux...is there a way to save apt-get RPM's to a
directory.  I >hate< having to have an external dependancy.  That is
to say if in 2 years I decide to rebuild, or have to rebuild my
machine and the web site or development has ceased, I can at least get
back to an OLD file set.  I would stink to find myself unable to go
through the automated processes that worked so well.

I posted a few more questions a few minutes ago...maybe you can
quickly answer them.  I want to turn off lights when I start a DVD or
stored movie, then have the lights come back on when I stop playing or
the movie ends...I know how to do this from the command line using X10
controls...how can I make myth call these scripts?

How about IR controlling of my external dish-network receiver?  I
assume I need an IR blaster.  Any suggestions?

I assume the Hauppage PVR-250 will allow me to control myth using the
remote that comes with the PVR card....

On Mon, 25 Oct 2004 20:48:05 -0700, Jarod Wilson <jcw at wilsonet.com> wrote:
> On Monday 25 October 2004 19:06, David Whyte wrote:
> > Do you think that linux newbies who want to use myth should follow
> > Jarods guide to the word?
> Not quite to the word, because there are necessary updates I haven't had a
> chance to make yet (mostly in the ivtv area, I believe, and mostly wrt the
> 350's output). But for the most part, by the word should work. :-)
> Linux newbies who just don't want any hassle whatsoever probably ought to look
> at KnoppMyth first though.
> > I was told mandrake was the best flavour
> > for newbs but Jarods guide is based on FC2.
> Much of it applies to other distros as well, though the installation parts are
> certainly very FC-specific. I always suggest that using whatever you're most
> comfortable with is probably the best option, so if you're more comfortable
> with Mandrake, then use Mandrake. The maintainer of the official Myth
> documentation runs Mandrake, so you should be able to get a working system
> following the official docs. They even point to Myth rpms for Mandrake.
> > Do I just make the switch to FC2?
> I've done a Myth install on four different distros (RH/FC, Gentoo, Debian and
> SUSE), and I find FC the easiest, but that's what I'm most familiar with
> (been using RH professionally for years now). The choice is yours. :-)
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