[mythtv-users] Price of FX 5200 cards

Jack Burghardt jack at colades.dyndns.org
Wed Oct 27 17:44:42 UTC 2004

clemens at dwf.com wrote:

>You guys have helped me with several previous questions, perhaps you
>can shed some light on this one.
>The Nvidia Fx5200 chip set has been recommended by several of you
>on this list.  OK, Ive been looking at prices, and am as confused as
>Perhaps the the best example of my confusion (Ive seen better prices)
>comes from the web page of a local computer shop.  They advertise
>3 diferent FX5200 cards, viz
> MSI:  Geforcefx 5200,             128MB DDR, 8x/4x/2x AGP, TV-out, DVI  $85
> PINE: XFX Geforcefx 5200,         256MB DDR, 8x/4x/2x AGP, TV-out, DVI $115
> PNY:  Verto Geforcefx 5200 Ultra, 128MB DDR, 8x/4x/2x AGP, TV-out, DVI $170
>Now the 2nd one has twice the memory as the 1st (is this of any use with
>MythTV?) so I can see it costing a bit more, but what about the 3rd which
>costs twice the first???  What could it have that would cause it to cost
>twice the price of the first card (other than the fact that I have heard
>of PNY?).
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You can get 128 mb brown box for 49   the cards are all the same
but they charge you more for extras games and etc

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