[mythtv-users] Collaborative recommended viewing revisited...

Mike Benoit ipso at snappymail.ca
Wed Oct 27 16:06:19 UTC 2004

On Tue, 2004-10-26 at 23:30 -0800, John Andersen wrote:
> On Tuesday 26 October 2004 23:00, Mike Benoit wrote:
> > No, only your currently scheduled recordings (not even past recordings)
> > would be uploaded to the "DB in the sky".
> Well there are lots of things that I time-shift (record and maybe watch
> and then delete), and then there are things I keep around and watch
> perhaps more than once.
> It would seem that anything NOT deleted after watching would
> be a better measure of "recommended viewing".
> Anything watched in entirety would be recommended more than
> just something you scheduled on a lark. Does the DB keep track
> of what is watched and how often? That would be the true measure.

I'm not sure we could ever nail this down completely. Everyone has
different viewing habits. Myself, I delete shows I like immediately
after I watch them, and usually the shows I don't really like, but just
record in case I get bored, stick around the longest because I rarely
get around to watching them. 

I think this system will only work well if we have enough people using
it. Its going to need at least a hundred or so people using it before
the recommendations start to be any good.

Just the fact that you record a show says quite a bit in my opinion. It
all comes down to how many OTHER people do the same thing as you do
though. If you record CSI, and Oprah, its not going to recommend Oprah
to all the CSI viewers out there, unless a GOOD majority of them ALSO
record Oprah. Even then, I will probably have a setting where it only
recommends shows in the same category, to help eliminate this issue

Mike Benoit <ipso at snappymail.ca>
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