[mythtv-users] Collaborative recommended viewing revisited...

Mike Benoit ipso at snappymail.ca
Wed Oct 27 15:56:39 UTC 2004

On Wed, 2004-10-27 at 08:14 -0400, Christopher Flynn wrote:
> On Wed, 27 Oct 2004 03:20:42 -0400, Bill Chmura <bill at explosivo.com> wrote:
> > I missed the first round of this, but what exactly is the benefit of this?
> > For example, if my mythbox uploaded data it would be an compilation of my
> > stuff, my gf's stuff and my 5 year old daughters stuff.
> >
> > So at best you could say that people who like star trek also like monk and the
> > wiggles.  Maybe with profiles or something that you could get down to a
> > specific person making a recording on that box or something you could get
> > some good data.  Also there is a while region thing (US, Autralia, etc)
> Well I probably wouldn't use this feature much myself because I
> already have too much to watch but I think the idea is that if say
> 1000 people have star trek scheduled to record, 50 of them have
> wiggles and 900 of them have The Simpsons. It would recommend the
> Simpsons to the other 100 people who don't have it scheduled. However
> since only about 50 have the wiggles, it wouldn't suggest that.

Yes, that sounds about right.

> Of course I have found that a system like this doesn't work too well.
> The reason I say this is amazon's suggestions. 9/10 I'm really not
> interested in whatever amazon suggested to me that other people who
> bought a item also bought.
> Instead I think something like amazons in addition to (where you can
> recommend another product that compliments whatever you are looking
> at) might work a little better. That way I could go in and say if you
> like The Simpsons, you might also like Futurama. Then have a way for
> other users to vote on that recommendation. Then maybe have a
> recommended menu item which scans your current scheduled recordings
> and then downloads suggestions that people have submitted for those
> shows.

I want to start off as small as possible, so any rating system
definitely won't be in the first few versions, but it shouldn't be
difficult to add on later. I think I could use the Myth record priority
as a pseudo rating system in the mean time though.

Mike Benoit <ipso at snappymail.ca>
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