[mythtv-users] Possibly Handy tweaks

Jesper Sörensen jesper at datapartner.se
Wed Oct 27 12:17:19 UTC 2004

Steve Hayles (diverse) wrote:

> This may be bad practice but I now have a simple script that mounts a 
> small part of the memory as a ramdisk,  copies the MYSQL data into it 
> and accesses the data from there.  It has seriously improved the 
> general responsive of my system hugely and I have not had a single 
> problem.

You're right, I think that *is* bad practice - and a corrupt DB waiting 
to happen... :-(

If you haven't done so already you should probably take a look at the 
MySQL manual. There's an entire chapter about optimization and there are 
tons of different switches and settings you can play with. (You probably 
only need to tell it to use a bit more memory or something.)


Serving data *fast* is what database servers are all about and you'd be 
very hard pressed to come up with a better caching mechanism than what 
is already built in. If you find some good settings for Myth, feel free 
to share it with the list though! I'm sure we all want Myth to be as 
fast as possible. 8-)

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