[mythtv-users] Always record live tv when idle

Matthew Conway wr0ngers at gmail.com
Wed Oct 27 01:59:47 UTC 2004

Hi all,

I've recently joined the mythtv world after being a long time tivo user.
One thing I miss from tivo land is the way tivo is always recording
live tv even when one is in the menus scheduling stuff, etc.  I'll
frequently leave livetv paused while doing schedule maintenance, and
return to where I left off.  My wife tends to pause live tv on a show
she is watching, and watch something prerecorded in order to let some
buffer build up so she can skip the livetv ads.  With mythtv having so
much mor functionality, I'm always in the menus tweaking stuff, but it
sucks when I lose my buffer because of it.

Is there any way one can accomplish the same thing in mythtv?  i.e. 
have the backend continuously record when it is not otherwise
occupied, and have the frontend always jump into that buffer when the
user chooses to watch live tv?

An additional gripe is that when I am recording something, and go to
watch tv, up pops up a dialog telling me how to watch my show instead
of just taking me there.  I've always found it a good UI guideline
that if the computer knows what to do, it should just do it instead of
just telling you what to do =)

Aside from that - I've been having a pretty good experience so far, so
kudos to all those who have put such hard work into making it so, and
if you choose to ignore my bitchin, then I guess I'll have to dust off
those rusty c++ skills ;-)



Matthew Conway
w r 0 n g e r s  a t  g m a i l  d o t  c o m

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