[mythtv-users] install ivtv for pvr 350 in Mandrake 10

Dave Ashmore pubmail at djash.com
Tue Oct 26 21:49:18 UTC 2004

I was hoping someone could tell me how to get this card working on MDK 10.
I googled but came across different stuff.
What kernel should I use? 2.6X or 2.4x
What ivtv driver?
How do I do it.
I have a $1000 box just waiting to record!...lol.
The other part I have questions on is how do I get the output to tv all 
the time as when it's complete it will not have a monitor hooked up?
I bought the pvr 350 cause it has tv out.
Will xorg x display there all the time through the pvr 350 card even for 
P.S. I did manage to get the mysql backend and frontend to work just not 
the card.
All links help and suggestions will be appreciated.
I can be reached via skype as djash34.

Dave Ashmore
MDK 10.0 Official Mozilla 1.7

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