[mythtv-users] Re: Dual Tuners - Nova-T/PVR-250

Christopher McEwan christopher.mcewan at gmail.com
Tue Oct 26 21:10:37 UTC 2004

Thanks for your reply, I made the changes you suggested, but I am now
getting duplicate channels. Here is a sql dump of my channels table.

I think I followed what you said exactly, and as I said my mythweb now
shows duplicate channels.

Thanks again,


>McEwan, Christopher wrote:

>Hi folks,
>My problem is I now have everything working except the EPG. I will try to
>explain the problem as best I can.
>ID 1Nova-T - 20+ Digital channels including the 5 channels the 250 can
>ID 2 Hauppauge 250 - 5 Analouge Terrestial channels
>In my channels table I entered all the channels for the Nova-T using source
>ID 1 and that worked great. The 250 I added the 5 freeview channels into the
>table but set the sourceID to 2.
>The problem is, is that mythtv still tries to use the 250 to tune into the
>digital channels. And in the EPG i can schedule 2 digital only channels with
>not conflicts. Is there anyway I can tell mythtv that it cant use the pvr250
>for digital without having duplicate channels show up in the EPG.
I have exactly that configuration working just fine with no duplicates.

It sounds like you are editing the contents of the channels table
yourself. This is probably the cause of the problem as you may have
mis-interpreted one of the columns. I believe that the result of
select * from channels;
is quite small, so you may want to post that output here. Alternatively
just use the channel editor in mythtv's backend setup tool.

In the meantime, the general principle (from memory) is that

- chanid must be unique.
- channum should be unique per-source.
- if the same channum is used on both digital and analog, enter the
analog frequency against the digital channel as well
- chanid should be: 1000 * source + seq. So all source 3 channels will
be numbered 3000, 3001 3002 etc...
- channel callsign must be the same where the channels are the same
(This allows the scheduler and UI to appreciate that these channels are
in fact the same, and scrap dupes.)

Hope that helps (and is correct)


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