[mythtv-users] MySQL Setup Problem [SOLVED]

Yan-Fa Li yanfali at best.com
Tue Oct 26 21:17:31 UTC 2004


not cool.  First you hide behind a bogus email address like info, and 
then you start flinging mud at Isaac.  You do realize he wrote mythtv 
right ?  Second, you're lack of understanding of how to administer mysql 
is the actual issue here.  MySQL is not a simple database, and you're 
use of Gentoo indicates you should know how to RTFM.  Please stop 
abusing people for pointing out stuff that is not obvious to you.

Unfortunately open source has a high learning curve.  That's why it's 
*not* mainstream.  If you're a real geek then you'll take it in your 
stride and learn from it.  If you're looking for hand holding and a nice 
easy to install system, you're going to have to look at Windows MCE. 
One day, Open Source may be as simple as Microsoftian stuff.  Until that 
day there's a bit of pain involved until you learn the flow.

Suggestion, re-write the instructions on the website based on what you 
have learned and submit it for change.  That's how it's supposed to 
work, you take a little and give a little.  Otherwise you're just a 


Quantum Scientific wrote:
> The confusion is that you can't understand WTF I'm talking about.  It's clear that the words I'm saying do not make sense to you, so no more trying.  I don't have time for shit from you Isaac.
> This single issue throws countless users.  If anyone cares, there it is.  I tried.

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