[mythtv-users] MySQL Setup Problem [SOLVED]

Quantum Scientific Info at Quantum-Sci.com
Tue Oct 26 22:04:00 UTC 2004

On Tuesday 26 October 2004 16:17, Yan-Fa Li wrote:
> not cool.  First you hide behind a bogus email address like info

Not hiding.  This is my only non-direct email;  can't take a chance with spam.  It should be clear that I own this company.

> and then you start flinging mud at Isaac.  You do realize he wrote mythtv 
> right ?

No, I have no time for the research to determine that.  But it should be clear that this is an interaction issue with MySQL, which is intimately-tied with Myth through no control of mine.  Remember, I had requested Postgres instructions, but no response.

Believe it or not, I am trying to say what a standard user of Myth encounters, as feedback, which will ultimately benefit the app.  But if this input is not valued, I understand.

And I know when my suggestions for improvement are seen as criticism, as evidenced by remarks that 'I don't know what I'm doing'.  Talk about "not cool".  What does it matter that Isaac is the dev, when he treats people this way?   Since when is Myth supposed to imply MySQL Admin expertise?

> Second, you're lack of understanding of how to administer mysql  
> is the actual issue here.  MySQL is not a simple database, and you're 
> use of Gentoo indicates you should know how to RTFM.  Please stop 
> abusing people for pointing out stuff that is not obvious to you.

I am a mortgage investment banker.  I am *not* a MySQL admin, nor a coder.  I would like to use Myth if possible, and am struggling to do so.

But if users are not welcomed, then why write it?

> Unfortunately open source has a high learning curve.  That's why it's 
> *not* mainstream.  If you're a real geek then you'll take it in your 
> stride and learn from it.  If you're looking for hand holding and a nice 
> easy to install system, you're going to have to look at Windows MCE. 
> One day, Open Source may be as simple as Microsoftian stuff.  Until that 
> day there's a bit of pain involved until you learn the flow.

I go by experience.  If the docs need improvement, I'm not adverse to speaking the difficulties I've had, clearly and constructively.  Did you notice I'd posted the procedure that works?  But when my suggestions are rejected and my abilities impugned, I know enough to not make them anymore.

> Suggestion, re-write the instructions on the website based on what you 
> have learned and submit it for change.  That's how it's supposed to 
> work, you take a little and give a little.  Otherwise you're just a 
> parasite.

OK, under this definition, I am a parasite.


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