[mythtv-users] Anybody Using a DVI enabled LCD HDTV in their setup ?

jack jr at jrh.net
Tue Oct 26 20:35:43 UTC 2004

Since you will be using Linux, stick with NVidia. Other then that my monitor
section in XF86Config reads like this: 

Section "Monitor"
    Identifier  "TV"

    HorizSync   30-50
    VertRefresh 60
        ModeLine "1280x720" 74.16 1280 1320 1376 1648 720 722 728 750


It was the only piece that was hard to get right, this puts out a great
signal for me on my DLP 1280x720. Your monitor of course might be different.
Myth has quite a few options for setting perspective and overscan so you can
usually adjust it to your liking with no problem. As far as cpu power I am
not that sure, I tend to use the sledgehammer approach with computer
hardware. Even with 1080i source on a amd3400 I get under 60% utilization. 

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> Hi
> I'm looking for listers that may be using HDTV spec 16:9 setups with
> their myth, any feedback on configuration and good and bad points would
> be appreciated.  Specifically, hooking a DVI enabled Video card to a DVI
> enabled 1280x720 screen.  Did you have to do anything special to make X
> work and how much CPU horse power do you need to scale to that
> resolution for regular 4:3 content.  Does the 4:3 content display with
> bars along each side ?  Any video card recommendations beyond stick with
> Nvidia ?
> Many Thanks
> Yan
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