AW: [mythtv-users] Hardware for Best TV-Out?

Joe Votour joevph at
Tue Oct 26 06:20:09 UTC 2004


With such a converter, are you able to pass what I
call the "CNN test"?  That is, tune to CNN (or some
other channel with a scrolling ticker), and the ticker
is completely jitter free (as on a real TV)?

Also, what kind of settings do you use for X?  Do you
run at a "standard" mode of 640x480 or 800x600. or do
you have to run at a different mode that might not
play nicely with the MythTV GUI (for example on the
PVR-350 output, which is 720x480, the GUI has to be
resized, and overscan applied to the OSD, which has
it's own set of problems).

-- Joe

--- Cory Papenfuss <papenfuss at> wrote:

> > I´m currently using a gf4mx with a selfmade
> vga2rgb converter
> > ( which
> is giving me uber-superb
> > quality on the frontend and good quality @watching
> recordings. I´m still
> > investigating the cause for the not´so sharpenes
> off my recordings/livetv.
>  	I "discovered" that when I got my equivalent NTSC
> circuit built. 
> I built up some test patters and convinced myself
> that the PVR-250 itself 
> was limiting the capture resolution to about 520x480
> maximum.  Anything 
> over that produced no better resolution on even a
> static image.  I know it 
> wasn't the TVOUT because of trying the test patterns
> directly (720x480 and 
> 1440x480).  Here's the beta-quality DVD image I came
> up with at the time:
>  	Be warned though, I've never actually tried the
> PAL stuff on 
> anything... just changed the resolution of some
> pictures and re-authored 
> the images.
> > It seems to me that there ain´t no interlaced
> output if I watch
> > tv/recordings, although I don´t get as heavy
> stuttering on the cnnticker as
> > I had on svideo out of the card. I´ll try to throw
> some official
> > testpatterns on it via mpeg and mythgallery maybe
> I can then clearly
> > describe the problem.
>  	I ended up adding deinterlacing to my recordings
> because I would 
> get some strange beat frequency/vsync-related
> tearing without it.  I'm 
> currently using KernelDeint and have been quite
> satisfied.  Bob deint is a 
> bit much for the PIII-800 hardware.
> >
> > Maybe anyone can help me here as I clearly have
> interlaced output on the
> > frontend. Whats the difference between frontend
> output and watchingtv -
> > output? It even seems to look better in the video
> epg. XV, OpenGL vsync
> > should I try to compile without one/both of these
> (I think I wonßt get any
> > reasonable output on my p3-700 without xv)?
> > I have no deinterlace or any other filters
> activated, playback is full pal
> > resolution 720x576 my x resolution that’s put on
> my tv is 768x576 (should´t
> > that be right due to square/non square pixel
> issues?). So can anyone
> > describe me the difference between frontend and
> movie-watching please?
> > Thanks
> > Flo
>  	It depends on what you mean by "better."  If you
> are talking about 
> vertical tearing on recordings, I solved that with
> the deint.  The 
> softness of the capture I traced to the PVR-250
> itself.  If it's any 
> consolation, the three BTTV-based cards I've tried
> have all crapped out at 
> about 400x480, max.  Anything over that takes space
> but doesn't help 
> pictures quality.
> Hope that helps... see if you can quantify your
> quality problems.
> -Cory>
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