[mythtv-users] Semi-OT: cdrtools build problems -- clearing off recordings to DVD

Jay R. Ashworth jra at baylink.com
Mon Oct 25 16:26:42 UTC 2004

In order not to have to continue buying 200GB drives for our MythBox,
we're trying to get our Plextor 708 DVD burner working under SuSE9.1.

This is proving problematic because (near as I can tell, anyway) the
shipped version of cdrtools/cdrecord pukes saying it can't change
speeds on the drive -- a problem documented on the web, but not solved
by anyone so far as I can see.  And Schily's site is Mostly Useless: he
says tha RH and SuSE are using the forked version he won't support;
download the sources and build it yourself.

Ok, so be it: even though you find out later that this entails also
building his smake system first.

But *now* I find that for some reason, his inclusion of linux/scsi.h
fails on the typdef'ed things like u8, even though it in turn includes
linux/types.h, which is supposed to provide those but, by inspection on
9.1, does not.  He was asked about this on some debian list; his reply:

"It's not my fault if SuSE ships broken include files; go complain to

My kernel tree is up to date with YoU; clearly, this can't solely be a
broken include file, but finding an appropriate venue to ask the
questions in is proving troublsome on this issue.

Anyone got any suggestions on any level of this problem?

-- jra
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