[mythtv-users] Backend with really crappy hardware

Kalle Pokki kpokki at cc.hut.fi
Mon Oct 25 05:34:24 UTC 2004

On Fri, 22 Oct 2004, Maarten wrote:

> It's not even the memory, I reckon.  The PCI bus on that early a machine had
> so much troubles / design flaws that you will have difficulty getting
> something simple as a 100Mbit NIC working.  This obviously means that more
> exotic demanding hardware will not work.
> And besides, I had a single bttv card system, and the 256 MB therein was
> almost fully used up. Thus, running with one quarter that amount will swap
> like hell.  And on another note, you may not realize it, but what would be
> the biggest harddisk such a 486 will accomodate ?  540MB ? 8GB ? 32GB ?
> You can almost certainly be sure it's game over beyond 8GB, or even lower.
> Build a smallish firewall out of it, but none other than that...

I didn't have the chance to climb up to the attic to open the case of the 
old beast, but now I have my doubts that the machine may not even have PCI 
slots of any kind... At least I remember having only ISA boards and some 
fancy vesa local bus graphics card.

As it seems there is virtually nothing the 486 is capable of doing anymore 
I think I'll just throw it away and take my next generation of computer 
junk, an about 300 MHz K6/2 as the new backend platform. And hope it has 
PCI 2.1 slots...

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