[mythtv-users] Show times all wrong ever since i moved

Phil Bridges phil at gravityhammer.com
Sun Oct 24 18:53:52 UTC 2004

I moved to San Diego from Chicago.  Ever since then, my show times have been
way, way off.  At 11pm, it says the 4:00 am news is on.
I am running Mandrake 9.2.

I have:
1) Adjusted my timezone using the mandrake tool
2) Tried using the timezone offset feature in MythBackend Setup.

When I use the timezone offset feature, the time in myth will be off too.
Meaning the OSD time will be screwed up.  If I don't use the timezone offset
feature, only the show times will be screwed up.  In other words, the OSD
will say "11:00" in the upper right, but the show description will say "4:00
am news"

PLEASE help.  I am getting very frustrated here.



Did you change your settings in zap2it.com?

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