[mythtv-users] Folders in Recordings

Michael T. Dean mtdean at thirdcontact.com
Fri Oct 22 20:38:12 UTC 2004

Paul Wheeler wrote:

>On Wed, 20 Oct 2004 14:31:54 -0500, Lane Schwartz wrote:
>>On Mon, 18 Oct 2004 10:38:43 -0400, Michael T. Dean wrote:
>>>Paul Wheeler wrote:
>>>>How easy to program and usefull would it be to have folders for
>>>>recordings i.e. A movies folder, etc. What do other people think?
>>>IMHO, it's not worth the time/effort involved (changing the code to
>>>store path info in the database or to derive path info from program
>>>details, adding a UI for specifying/selecting directory, etc.).
>>>If searching the list of files is the problem, check out mythlink.sh in
>>>the contrib directory of the MythTV source.  With it, you can create
>>>"views" of your recordings with any structure you like using soft links
>>>to the "ugly" filenames used by Myth.
>>Paul, do you mean a "Movie recordings" folder within the MythTV
>>frontend interface, so that it's easy to find your movies when
>>browsing recordings?
>>Or do you mean a "Movie recordings" directory in the Linux file hierarchy?
>>I suspect you mean the former, which I would think should be doable.
>>In fact, that would be really nice. The "Watch Recordings" dialog
>>works great for TV series, but it doesn't make as much sense to have
>>each movie listed on its own.
>I was talking about the former for example grouping serials together
>(like friends, simpsons etc) in their own directory and movies in
>another. This could probably be down fairly straightforwardly in the
>backend by just adding a table column (or similar) and then all that
>is required is a frontend processing this to make a folder. Having
>thought about it a bit more it shouldnt be that difficult to
Oh.  I understand the question now...  So, my new response becomes, "How 
does this functionality differ from recording groups?"  You could create 
groups called, "Movies", "Serials", etc. and specify to which group your 
recordings belong when creating the recording rule.

Or, better yet, if you can live with the names of the categories your 
listings grabber provides, there's also an option in settings that 
allows you to automatically add recordings to a group based on their 
genre (i.e. "Movies", "Drama", "Comedy", "SciFi", etc.)

To enable grouping by genre, go to Setup|TV|Playback and check the box

Use program categories as display groups
Add the list of program categories to the list of Recording Groups used 
for display.  Only programs in non-password protected groups will be listed.

To change the display group you're currently viewing, hit the menu key 
(by default "M") in the Watch Recordings screen.

There are also settings:

Default Recording Group to display
Default Recording Group to display on the View Recordings screen.

Save current Recording Group view when changed
Remember the last selected Recording Group instead of displaying the 
Default group whenever you enter the playback screen.

Show group name instead of "All Programs"
Use the name of the display group currently being shown in place of the 
term "All Programs" in the playback screen.


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