[mythtv-users] is downgrading xmltv a problem on 0.16?

anders smith anders at smiths.dk
Fri Oct 22 17:49:54 UTC 2004

I have a problem with the xmltv script for denmark that I would like to 
use....it seems that it's not compatible with the latest xmltv 
version..... there is one that is compatible, but it's a less ideal 
script as it doesn't quite match my local cable operators offerings.

It's a brand new fc2/pvr250 install with 0.16, but I just want to ask 
the list if it's safe for me to do the downgrade of xmltv or if I 
should rather settle for the less optimal script.

I guess the perl script could relatively easily be updated with the 
help of some friends, but it's beyond my own capabilities....sadly I 
have no programming knowledge.


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