[mythtv-users] Backend with really crappy hardware

Damon Searle djsearle at netspace.net.au
Fri Oct 22 11:40:50 UTC 2004

The DVB cards probably require PCI 2.l slots. I've tried a Nova-T in a
really old PII board (Abit BE6) with no luck.

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> Subject: [mythtv-users] Backend with really crappy hardware
> I just realised I have an old 66 MHz 486 machine with 64 MB memory in my
> storage room. Has anyone successfully run the backend with such a slow
> machine? I don't intend to run an X server or really anything else than
> what is absolutely necessary with that box. I do have two DVB tuners but
> just writing the data streams to disk shouldn't take too much cpu.
> What do you think, does mythbackend and mysql require more than 64 MB
> memory or would that just result in excessive swapping?

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