[mythtv-users] LVM Failure On Video Storage

George Galt george.galt at gmail.com
Thu Oct 21 20:35:31 UTC 2004


I'm using FC1 and Myth 15.1 from Axel's ATPRMs (via Jarrod' guide),
and LVM for video storage.  I've combined a portion of a 160 GB drive
and then added an old 80 GB drive to it to get about 220 GB dedicated
to video storage.  I have finally filled up the approximately 140 GB
on 160 drive dedicated to the LVM partition and have (apparently)
started to use the 80GB drive that was added to the LVM group.  Now
when I record shows, I get no error messages, but the shows cannot
play and appear to be 0.0 GB (both in Myth and checking manually).

I'm new to LVM and also a newbie with Linux, so I'm at a loss as to
what to try, or even what information I should provide to better
describe the problem.  Is there a way to see if the 80 GB drive has
failed, or has other issues without removing it from the LVM group?

Thanks for any help.


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