[mythtv-users] mythsetup question regarding 'master override'

Joseph A. Caputo jcaputo1 at comcast.net
Thu Oct 21 14:00:19 UTC 2004

On Thursday 21 October 2004 09:44, anders smith wrote:
> What does it exactly do... the wording is a little confusing to me
> and I'm not sure If I should leave it ticked or unticked in my setup.
> When I read it it sounds like it wil delete my files in the video
> directory after streaming them but since I want to keep them I'd
> imagine I need to untick it....probably wrong... ;-)
> I'm setting up a master backend (no mythfrontend running) with two
> pvr250 cards and two xboxes as frontends...

IIRC, "Master Backend Override" is only meaningful when you're running 
multiple backends.  It allows the master backend to serve recordings 
that reside on a slave backend's disk (which must be accessible via a 
network mount).  This allows you to access all of your recordings even 
if the slave machine's mythbackend process is not running.  If you're 
only running a single backend, it should have no effect one way or the 
other for you.

Someone please correct me if I'm wrong...


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