[mythtv-users] Dual Output on Frontend - questions and ideas

Kevin Kuphal kuphal at dls.net
Thu Oct 21 13:28:30 UTC 2004

Blammo [doh] wrote:

>Front end in the living-room, with AGP 5200Ultra hooked via
>VGA-Componant to the WideScreen TV. Output is 950x540p. Love it.
>Beautiful. StreamZap USB & remote.
>Wife wants to be able to go back to the bedroom and watch TV back on
>the 27" non-16:9 TV in the back
>What I've Tried:
>I've gotten dual-view to work, but the fact the VGA is running a res
>the SVGA/Composite out can't properly handle, it sqeezes the VGA to
>800x600 or 640x480 and I lose all 16:9 on the TV in the livingroom.
>I'm not worried about sound, already have that covered. It's the TV
>aspect that's killing me.
>(Btw, I already have a video + IR repeater setup running from the LR
>to the BR we used with our TiVo)
>What I wonder:
>-- Could I get X to treat them differently? Maybe two copies of X and
>two Mythfrontends?
>-- Would a 2nd video card (PCI) resolve the "scaling" issue?
>-- Wouldn't the same remote control both copies however? I think I
>have an Actisys IR-200 laying around somewhere.
>-- Could I get one copy of Mythfrontend to use StreamZap and the other
>using the Actisys?
>How is anyone else handling this kind of issue? or did you just buy a
>little VIA board and tape it to the bottom of the TV? (grin)
Why not just run another remote frontend in the bedroom?  That PC would 
have it's own configuration and hardware on it and would not conflict in 
the least with your primary frontend. 


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