[mythtv-users] Please test HDTV Recorder patch...

Daniel Thor Kristjansson danielk at mrl.nyu.edu
Wed Oct 20 23:37:36 UTC 2004

It is pretty much feature complete as far as it goes. It doesn't add any user 
visible features except for multiple audio (+,-), but it enables the future 
addition of many features:
   Caption selection
   Language, hardware and disability based audio stream selection
   Recording multiple streams on each frequency
   Emergency Broadcast System audio during LiveTV
   Guide Data without zap2it subscription and internet connection
   Accurate Time without ntp and internet connection
   yadda, yadda

Anyway, I need people to test it now because I plan to start submitting it in 
small chunks for inclusion in MythTV. Obviously report any core dumps. But also 
any wacky behaviour, accompanied with logs from front and backends (with 
--verbose record,playback) and description of what you were doing.

It is a fairly large change so I don't want to build on it until it becomes 
part of MythTV. And it won't become part of Myth without testing.

The patches that need applying are:

The procedure is:

# cd mythtv
# tar xvfj mpeg-dynamic-pmt-v1.tbz
# cat dtk-patches/mpeg-dynamic-pmt-v1.patch | patch -p0
# tar xvfj hdtv-recorder-v26.tbz
# cat dtk-patches/hdtv-recorder-v26.patch   | patch -p0
# cp dtk-patches/*.{cpp,h} libs/libmythtv/
# make -k ; make

I'm assuming settings.pro is set up properly for you of course.

-- Daniel

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