[mythtv-users] Straighten me out here?

match at ece.utah.edu match at ece.utah.edu
Wed Oct 20 20:32:08 UTC 2004

On 20 Oct 2004 at 20:01, j2 wrote:

> Hello, I am the latest newbie on the list :)

> Ive been going over documentations, and list archives for a cpl of days now, and i have found the 
> answers to most of my questions. But here is a few of my ponderings.
> 1. I have a Celeron 2.4Ghz, 256MB, and a 60GB disk
> 2. I am pondering purchasing a Hauppage WinTV PVR-350
> 3. Assemble it all into a realtively quite chassi
> 4. Get LIRC (or similar) working to control my SetTopBox.
> So, i reckon that would be a pretty decent MythTV box?


But I would consider more hard disk, or plan on adding more as this one starts to fill up. 
You'll use up 60 GB pretty quickly once you really get into recording and ripping. 

More ram wouldn't hurt either. I understand that 256 MB is enough, but I've never done 
an installation with less than 512 (just 'cuz), so YMMV. I'm sure others will respond "I 
only have 256, and it runs fine." Still others are going to say "I could never get it to run in 
> But, do i still need a VGA card in the system, or can the 350's video out work for this as well?
> Also, is there any front end to be able to stream video to stream to a Windows client? 

I think you can get away without a VGA card, but I don't personally use the PVR-350, so 
others can give you a better answer to that one. My MythBox drives a CRT projector, so 
I use the VGA output on an nVidia VGA card.
> Also, platform. I am a Debian user by heart, but for this project, i want zero hassle, and since it will 
> be a dedicated system, i'll consider any distro, as long as it works nicely with MythTV.

It's "run what you brung" (from my old drag racing days)    :-)

I tell people that the best distro to use is the one that you are most familiar with, simply 
because of that familiarity. So, if you are very familiar with Deb, then that's the one... 

1. KnoppMyth is surely the easiest, almost trivial, assuming all your hardware is well 

2. An installation on Fedora Core 1 or Fedora Core 2 is next easiest if you use Jarod's 
guide, because he walks you through the installation step-by-step.


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