[mythtv-users] My successful setup, with some issues

Kevin dePfyffer listman at depfyffer.com
Wed Oct 20 18:30:32 UTC 2004

> Before I get into the software stuff, I have one major hardware
> issue... Each time I boot the machine, it complains about CMOS
> corruption and resets to defaults.  Occassionally the message will be
> that the CPU has been changed.  If I actually try to set anything in
> the CMOS setup (even just the time and date), it will not reboot until
> I use the jumper to reset the CMOS.  I tried replacing the battery
> with no effect (symptoms are unchanged).  Because I can't successfully
> change anything in CMOS without it not being able to POST, I can't
> even set it not to pause on errors during startup so I have to
> physically be there whenever it does reboot.  In theory, since the
> machine will never be turned off once it is set up and the default
> CMOS settings are fine for it, this is more of an annoyance and not a
> show stopper... but does anyone have a clue as to what might be wrong?
Do you have a spare power supply. I had a few cmos problems when my PS
went bad. Unfortunatly I didn't replace it until I lost all of my data on
my HD from all the crashing. If your system doesn't ever go down after
it's started thats probably not your problem but it's woth a look.
Other than that start removing/swapping parts one at a time.

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