[mythtv-users] Mythfrontend High CPU Usage

Dana Hata estespark at 141.com
Wed Oct 20 12:33:31 UTC 2004

On Tue, 2004-10-19 at 23:34 -0400, MacNean C. Tyrrell wrote:
> Dana Hata wrote:
> >Mythtv ver.: 0.16
> >
> >
> >OK, I've discovered my stuttering (In Live TV and Watch Recordings) is
> >caused by very high CPU usage- it's essentially at 100%, and I've got a
> >1.8 Ghz P4.  xvinfo seems to indicate XVideo is functioning normally.
> >DMA is enabled on all hard drives.  I've searched the mailing list but
> >haven't found anything definitive to address my specific problem.  What
> >could be causing such high CPU usage?  Is there anything I can do to get
> >CPU usage down?
> >
> >Dana
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> >
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> I don't know if they fixed it, but i had to turn off show a preview of 
> the show.  I just do a thumbnail.  Apparently it was still running the 
> preview when exiting. 
> Have you run top to see which program is using all of that cpu usage, 
> back end frontend something else?
> Do you have a pvrx50 or software encoder?
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I turned that preview off, but my watch recordings still stutters.  I
think they did fix that issue.  To answer your questions- I've got a
PVR-250, and most of the CPU was going to X.

Interestingly, I was wrong about the cause of the stuttering- for watch
recordings at least.  High CPU usage WAS causing stuttering in Live TV,
but I have since remove some other running programs to get my total
mythfrontend CPU usage down to around 70% while watching LiveTV.  Now
there is no stuttering when watching Live TV.

But Watch Recordings is still stuttering horribly, even though my CPU
load is only about 40-50% during it.  Watch recordings is simply
unusable for me at this point.  I have to use mplayer or totem to watch
those recorded nuvs.  Maybe it's starved for data or something?


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