[mythtv-users] ivtv/mythtv recording problems

Alexander Farley afarley at caltech.edu
Wed Oct 20 01:50:23 UTC 2004


	I am not able to record in mythtv using a PVR-350 with tuner type 47. 
I can get the card to do everything else that it is supposed to do. I 
can "cat /dev/video0  > /tmp/test.mpg" and get high quality recordings 
and I can watch live TV in mythtv. However, when I try to record either 
through scheduling or while watching live TV all I get is black. The 
backend appears to die, though the process does not. If the daemon is 
restarted recording continues, but is still black. In order to watch 
live TV after an attempt to record, mythbackend must be restarted. I 
have tried several different recording profiles with no success. I am a 
little mystified that I can pull video off of /dev/video0, but get 
nothing in mythtv.  I have looked through my logs and nothing looks 
suspicious. If there is something in specific that I should look for I 
am all ears. Any help is welcome.

	If this question has been answered before please provide the search 
keywords as I have found nothing useful.

P.S I have had this problem with both 0.16 and cvs as of Oct 14 (as 
recording from live TV crash was fixed).


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