[mythtv-users] MPEG recordings

Tim Litwiller tim at litwiller.net
Wed Oct 20 06:30:20 UTC 2004

> There's one more possibility: your Windows system doesn't have an MPEG-2
> decoder installed.  Windows (except for MCE, I'm guessing) doesn't have a
> built-in MPEG-2 decoder.  If you have a DVD player installed, you might be
> able to use that to play files (of the different players available, I've had
> the best luck with PowerDVD).  You could also get a recent version of
> ffdshow (google for it), which is free (as in speech) and now handles MPEG-1
> and MPEG-2 as well as all of the different flavors of MPEG-4ish formats.
> I have a PVR-350 and an M179 in my MythTV box, and the files it creates from
> either card play just fine on the various Windows boxen I have as long as
> the extension is changed from "nuv" to "mpg".

MCE doesn't have a decoder either - if you buy a dvd drive with software 
XP MCE will use that decoder.

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