[mythtv-users] Re: altering /dev/video0 settings after starting up mythfrontend

Christopher Flynn flynnguy at gmail.com
Tue Oct 19 21:53:23 UTC 2004

ok... hehehe... I remember I posted this before and I tried the
solution of setting the recording profile width to 720 and it didn't
seem to work last time I tried it but now it does seem to work. Now,
does anyone have any ideas as to why this works and what's going on
with it? I really don't understand much about TV signals.

On Tue, 19 Oct 2004 17:45:18 -0400, Christopher Flynn
<flynnguy at gmail.com> wrote:
> Ok, I'm trying to get a PVR-250 MCE to work. I have most everything
> done but when I launch the frontend I get fast video and crackly
> sound. If I rmmod ivtv and then modprobe ivtv and then test it by
> doing cat /dev/video0 > test.mpg and then mplayer test.mpg it works
> and everything seems fine. If I starup mythfrontend the sound gets all
> weird and the video seems a little too fast. Mythbackend seems to have
> no effect. I am going to try and record a show on mythbackend with a
> freshly modprobed ivtv and see what happens. (maybe it's the video
> card?)
> System:
> 1.8Ghz Athlon K7
> 512MB RAM
> 40GB ext3 main drive (with os, etc...)
> 200GB /mnt/store drive using XFS
> PVR-250 MCE using ivtv-0.1.10-pre2-ck115
> Chaintech nVidia 5200FX using NVIDIA-Linux-x86-1.0-6111
> running on debian with a patched kernel v. 2.6 (patched from:
> http://www.poptix.net/ivtv/Sep-2004/msg00773.html )
> Using onboard sound (via82xx module)
> Using CVS version of mythtv but similar things happened when running
> the latest tarball.
> Am I just an idiot and missed something during the setup? I checked
> and DMA is active on both drives, played with use video as time source
> etc... I'm at my wits end!
> -Chris
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You must be the change you wish to see in the world. - Gandhi

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