[mythtv-users] Quality diff between ATI TV Wonder and PVR-250

Michael T. Dean mtdean at thirdcontact.com
Tue Oct 19 18:06:14 UTC 2004

kdavis at cyberdavisfamily.com wrote:

>I've been running Myth since .7 with an ATI TV Wonder.  Basically use the
>system to record shows, then play them back when convenient.  Quality is
>OK, but not good enough to use the system for live TV.  Since the .7 days,
>most appear to be using a PVR-250/350.  Would a switch to a 250 produce a
>noticeable quality increase in quality?  My frontend is an Xbox connected
>to the TV via S-video.
Quality of the PVR-x50 encoders seems to be good (IMHO).  However, the 
source can have a major impact on quality.  I'm using satellite with 
video piped to my PVR-x50's via S-Video and I get very good quality.  A 
friend has analog cable and--because MPEG is lossy and doesn't deal well 
with signal noise--gets significantly lower quality.  (Couple that with 
the fact that he's using a projector to get a 12 foot TV screen, and 
it's amazing how much of a difference there is.)


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