[mythtv-users] FC2 and Jarod's guide Woes

Vincent K. Britton Vincent.Britton at wiznet.com
Mon Oct 18 12:45:26 UTC 2004

Is there any hope for my machine?


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Yes mplayer still works.  All though there is no sound.


"nv" works for me just not "nvidia".



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	Vincent K. Britton wrote:
	>I wanted to upgrade to the newest version of the nvidia drivers
and MythTV.
	>I figured since the installation went so well the first time
why not just reformat and reinstall.
	>I haven't had any luck watching tv on it yet.  The front end
starts but when I try to watch live TV it appears to hang and I can do
nothing with the keyboard.  If I telnet to that box I see X running at
100%.  All I can do is telnet in and reboot. 
	>On the installation I had some troubles with the nvidia
drivers?  X won't start with "nvidia" in the xorg.conf as the Driver.  I
had to change it to "nv" to get X to start.  I don't know if the 2
problems are related but I thought I'd mention it.
	>In case it is relivant I will append my xorg.conf and and
modprobe.conf.  I think there may be something of interest in the
console window from which I start mythtfrontend.  However since X
crashes/becomes hung I can't see it.  Is there a way to start
mythtfronted while outputing the info to a text file?
	>Nothing of interest shows up in the mythbackend.log file
	>Any help/Guidance would be greatly appreciated!!
	I had problems installing the new nvidia6111 drivers on my
	However, using nv still worked.
	Does mplayer work?

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