[mythtv-users] website down / dual channels question

Maarten mythtv at ultratux.org
Mon Oct 18 12:37:43 UTC 2004

I cannot be the only one noticing the website is down, surely...?

On another note, I think I may solve my two-card tuning problem by adding a 
second video source (but using the same grabber) so I can add the same 
channels but with the slightly different frequency...

What I cannot figure out -much less now that the documentation is unavailable- 
is how to proceed in the channel editor after running mythfilldb --manual.

For clarity, this is what I want to accomplish:

SourceID 	Channum 	Name 			FreqID 	Finetune

1			1			ChannelOne		44		+12
2			?			ChannelOne		44		+28
1			2			ChannelTwo		23		-16
2			?			ChannelTwo		23		0

Now for the question:  Should I set both the Channums on the (content-wise-) 
identical channels to "1" and assume that mythtv will select one of the 
possible sourceIDs to record from, or does that give a conflict and should I 
Give the second one the channum 101 and assume that mythtv will realise that 
both channels have the same content so it'll select either channel when a 
scheduled recording shows that "South Park" is recordable from both channels.

In the second scenario, wouldn't selecting channel 1 in live tv give a "busy" 
if that card is already recording but the second card (at 101) is free ?
In the first scenario,  doesn't having equal channumbers clash horribly ?

I'm sorry if this is really just basic stuff or FAQ... Can't look at the docs 
now anyway, but as I recall the two-card setups aren't that extensively 
described in there to begin with. (but I hope I'm wrong about that!)

Else, is the are better way to solve this problem (being: the channel 
frequencies on both cards being slightly different to each other).

Thanks in advance,


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