[mythtv-users] Deleting Recordings does not release Disk Space

Thomas Börkel thomas at boerkel.de
Mon Oct 18 06:01:20 UTC 2004


Donavan Stanley wrote:

>>>>What's the point of having the backend if you have to mount the
>>>>recordings with NFS?
>>>Streaming video to the frontends is one SMALL part of what the backend
>>>does.  Using NFS allows you to create a directory stucture something
>>>like this:
>>>  /myth/recordings
>>>  /myth/music
>>>  /myth/videos
>>>  /myth/artwork
>>>  /myth/games
>>>Then mount that tree on all remote frontends as /myth.  Then evey
>>>frontend has access to the same files, and in the same place.
>>I would have assumed (incorrectly?) that any application which was designed to
>>be with a frontend and a backend and whatnot would be designed to do that
>>whole "export the files to the clients" thing through its' own client-server
> And it does for recordings, just not all the extra stuff.  Using NFS
> simplifies things a lot.

How do I know, that Mythfrontend uses NFS?


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