[mythtv-users] Building CVS Myth under GentooX for XBox.

Allan Stirling Dibblahmythml0015 at pendor.org
Sun Oct 17 03:26:37 UTC 2004

> On Sat, 16 Oct 2004 17:34:26 +0100, Allan Stirling
> <dibblahmythml0015 at pendor.org> wrote:
>>George Styles wrote:
>>>Im trying to get Myth (CVS version) working under GentooX for the XBox. 
>>I've never really used Gentoo, but for an Xbox target, I'd suggest
>>looking at http://forums.gentoo.org/viewtopic.php?t=66930
>>to speed up your compilations.
 >nate s wrote:
 > Actually, it's not even that complex, as the xbox is really just a
 > pentium 3, and it is running linux.  AFAIK, you can even compile
 > things on a similar system (with the correct CHOST and CFLAGS set,)
 > and simply transfer the binaries over.
 > -Nate
Sure. It's just an option to throw more processing power at it - Quite a 
few people have more than a Celeron 733 in their main PC - And many 
people only run Windows on that PC.

DistCC allows you to spread the processing over to that PC as well as 
the native processor.



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