[mythtv-users] Feature Requests (a couple)

MythTV (Jim) mythtv at hribnak.com
Sat Oct 16 14:46:09 UTC 2004

I would like to see in either the status page within the Myth Front end 
or within MythWeb, if there us any transcoding doing on, and the 
progress of said transcode

I would like to also see:

1) any commecial detection going on (after recording is done)
2) If you have slave backends have the ability to allow for X Commerial 
dection processes  going at once, if you hit X, then Server 2 is next in 
line and so on. (I know you can specify a host now just now.
3) Same with Transcoding, have the ability to have multiple servers 
doing the transcoding

If these are in there great..


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