[mythtv-users] Can't select items in frontend menus

Matthew Gleed mgleed at gleed.us
Sun Oct 17 02:51:38 UTC 2004

I'm running TWM with qt 3.3.3.  Does TWM manage the popups or does qt?  
I just re-emerged qt and checked out a fresh copy of mythtv from cvs, 
compiled, and installed.  Still having problems with the menus.  I've 
tried running the frontend with 'debug all' but I don't see anything 
that looks relevant.  Any suggestions?


Allan Stirling wrote:

> Matthew Gleed wrote:
>> I've had this ongoing problem with my frontend popup menus.  The 
>> typical places I have this problem is in the popup menus Ie. deleting 
>> a recorded show or any of the menus within setup.  In the delete 
>> recording example , when the option to keep, delete, or delete and 
>> allow re-record pops up there is no selector with which to select my 
>> menu choice.  None of the options are highlighted and selectable and 
>> I cannot move between selections.  In order to be able to start 
>> selecting the menu items again I usually have to restart the frontend 
>> after which the pop up menu will usually only come up correctly once 
>> before it wigs out again.  This is really driving me nutz and any 
>> help would be greatly appreciated.
>> Here is my system setup:  I'm running a current CVS snapshot as of 
>> today and have had this problem for some time through many CVS 
>> updates.  I'm using a PVR350 for TV Output with ivtv-0.2.0-rc1g.
> I see this as well. It only happens using internal lirc support. It 
> has been reported before on the list, with nothing but befuddlement as 
> to a cause. Some window managers are affected, others are not.
> I have:
> TWM as a window manager
> QT 3.2.1
> XFree86 Version
> I've been seeing this problem since sometime after the .15 release.
> http://www.gossamer-threads.com/lists/mythtv/users/86281?search_string=focus;#86281 
> Only happens after the frontend has spawned something external.
> Cheers,
> Allan.
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