[mythtv-users] Re: tuning two-card systems ?

Alexander Petkov ap154036 at cue1.umt.edu
Sun Oct 17 02:02:43 UTC 2004

It works fine I guess, when recording two channels it is 0% idle, but still everything appears to get to disk just fine for now. 

My system has a similar setup to yours (2 bttv cards, 2700+ Athlon, 1/2G RAM), and when both cards are recording, there's about 85% CPU sitting idle. The recording settings are pretty much the same, except maybe the bitrate is at 2700. 

Are you by any chance using a 2.6 series kernel? I noticed that CPU usage spiked sharply when I switched to a 2.6 kernel. When I reverted to 2.4 usage was much lower. 

You should be able to get much better performance with that CPU.

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